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Maths Action Research Project

Fishbourne Primary, Jessie Younghusband School, Lavant Primary,  St Richard’s Primary, The March School and West Dean Primary School came together last year to develop pedagogy in Maths.  The six Primary schools expressed a common interest for a collaborative research and we started with the initial idea to look at ways of closing the gender gap for children within the school, with a specific focus on Maths.  This was purposely left open after the first meeting to enable schools to focus on their individual issues and identify target groups.  It allowed us to ensure that the outcomes were both meaningful and effective in supporting school improvement for all partners.  We all converged our energy into improving outcomes for girls in Maths, and each school chose a particular Key Stage and their relevant groups. Rightly so, the enquiry varied for each school and ranged from deepening understanding of core maths concept, developing confidence, resilience and talk for learning.

The group agreed on a common procedure to measuring the impact of our strategies and the presentation of research findings. The final meeting to review the results was held in July 2017.

The support & finance from the Blue Flag Alliance enabled each school to release the teacher to undertake the research, prepare the report and to attend the final meeting. The teachers shared their finding within their own school and we are delighted that through continued support from the Blue Flag Alliance we will be able to develop this further in January 2018.

We hope that other schools find the outcomes of this research helpful.

research project maths summary july 2017

Mandy Sadler, Jessie Younghusband Primary School